Model Engineering In Thailand and South East Asia

Movies About Engineering Both Funny And Educational

Hilarious Workshop Blunders Movie 1

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  • Thank’s Mike a good summary.

    There are plenty more videos coming – more on old fashioned engineering – like how they built steam trains – to modern cutting edge CNC and metal 3D printers.


  • Oh my,…these out-takes bring back lots of memories of my own failings. I think I’ve made every mistake shown on his videos, plus a few more. But I don’t have nearly the extensive vocabulary of “special” words that John so freely uses at those troublesome moments,…being an American myself, a few of his expletives were simply new to me. Must remember to NOT use them around the house or my wife will have my head !!!

    Anyhow, thanks for posting this Alan,…it’s a great laugh 🙂

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