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Buying And Using A Tool And Cutter Grinder In Thailand

This is the Tool and Cutter grinder I bought from Sam at All Arm Co Ltd in Bangkok, Thailand.

Photo of the Tool And Cutter Grinder I bought In Bangkok, Thailand

Tool And Cutter Grinder I bought In Bangkok, Thailand

The three accessories in front of the machine are, left to right, drill sharpener, end mill attachment and lathe tool sharpening attachment. To the far right (in front of the lathe tool sharpening attachment) is one of the R8 collets.

Be Careful With AllArm Co!

I paid 34,000 plus VAT for that tool and cutter grinder.

When I got the machine home I found that it was a used machine with pieces missing.

I had a long ongoing dispute with Sam at AllArm Co and suffice to say I recommend everyone to steer clear.

I also had a comment from someone else trying to do business with AllArm Co and he too had a bad experience dealing with Sam – so it’s not just me.

This latter conversion can be found here:-

I had a quote from RDG Tools in the UK and the accessories were about the same but the carriage to Thailand was ridiculous. Please note that the machine is VERY heavy. I can lift it off the table by myself but I could’t lift it say from the floor to a bench on my own. Must weigh around 60+ kg.

I have a lot more information on about this machine – if you are interested please leave a comment below.

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2 Responses to Tool And Cutter Grinder

  • Hello,

    I buy a grinder like the one you have in the picture.
    do you have a complete manual that explains how to use it? or something to help me use it properly?
    I’ll be very grateful if you can give me a hand …

    Thank you


    Gaston Strube

    • Hi Gaston and thanks for your query.

      I have searched all over for a decent operations manual for the Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder and have not been able to find one.

      The two that I have found don’t show all the ways to use it. Here are the links so that you downdload them:-

      The above (Northern Industrial Tools) is probably the better manual, but get them both.

      These tools and cutter grinders, apparently, were originally designed to grind engraving cutters so that is what the manuals describes mainly.

      The Northern Industrial Tools Manual also gives instructions how to use:-

      – The Twist Drill Grinding Attachment
      – The End Mill Grinding Attachment
      – The Lathe Tool Bit Grinding Attachment

      If you do buy such a machine please share the Operating Manual you receive with us.

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