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Makita 2107F portable bandsaw frame

Today I Am Working On The Design Of The Horizontal Frame To Hold The Makita 2107F Portable Bandsaw

Following the testing of a prototype bandsaw holder configured to hold the Makita 2107F Portable Bandsaw horizontally to allow easy cutting off of bar material I am working on the design of the ‘production version’.

The actual results of the design process are shown on the Makita 2107F Horizontal Bandsaw Frame Design page.

The main issue to be resolved (and I think I am achieving this) is to find a length of swinging arm that:-

  • Is strong enough not to flex in action. (The arm is put under compression by the bandsaw)
  • Is long enough not to reduce the available capacity of the bandsaw. (Short arms are stiff but reduce the capacity of the bandsaw)