Model Engineering In Thailand and South East Asia

Where To Get Model Engineering Materials In Thailand

Model Engineers need raw materials as well as pre-made castings to make their models. The raw materials include steel, brass, copper, bronze, cast iron to name just a few.

In this section of the Model Engineering In Thailand website we will be posting the suppliers of those materials in Thailand and nearby countries.

Here are some locations and what is available:-

Name Location Materials Comments
Ying Charoen Pak Chong Mainly Steel Vast selection. Just about any section you would ever need
Chonburi Sricharoen Metals Co Ltd Chon Buri

GPS Coord in Comment below.

All kinds See Comment below.

(I have more suppliers to add, please wait or email me if your need is immediate)

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7 Responses to Materials

  • Hi,

    Great site, very interesting.

    I wonder if you could give me a bit of advice. I am looking for a machine shop preferably in the north Bangkok area that will take on small projects. Mainly making one of stainless steel parts (small bearing housings, small axils, brackets etc) for a couple of hobby projects. Basically small milling and Turning jobs.

    I have found a couple of small fabricators locally but the language barrier has become a problem. Any advice is welcome.



  • Another Steel supply shop in Chon Buri, also located on the Chon Buri by-pass (361) is shown here in Google Street View:,100.998352,3a,75y,317.91h,93.14t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sW-gHWBjVONbXZNuFKX54gA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

    This shop carries more surplus steel than new stuff. They have quite a selection of steel pipe; from less than 1/2″ OD to what appears to be about 2 meter OD.

  • Hi Alan,

    I found the best source for materials today. It is called Sricharoen in Chon Buri. it is on the bypass road at the north end of Chon Buri. The GPS numbers for the place are 101.00082, 13.40999. The road from Motorway 7 t the shop is very good.

    They have all the materials you could want in loads of different shapes and sizes. There is also a table at the back where they put the scraps and you can buy those by the kilo.

    They are pretty slow about making up your bin and getting you out the door, but this is best selection I have seen.

  • Hello Alan,

    Nice to see you have found established a small Model Engineer community in Thailand. I too am an expat living and settled in Malaysia for the last 10 years or so and have similar interests although I am more focused towards the general projects I am doing such as making tools or parts for tools I use for my various DIY stuff.

    I am still on a quest to connect to other fellow machining hobbyists in Malaysia but have not found anyone yet.

    I have a Sieg SX2P mill and a SC2 lathe that I purchased and imported from China via a seller on AliExpress.

    I am not a regular blogger but recently I decided to compile and post my observations into getting into the hobby with a focus on finding the machines, tools and materials in Malaysia so others may benefit from it. I have focused my search around Kuala Lumpur and Miri (Sarawak).

    The blog I setup is

    My preferred raw materials are aluminium, brass and delrin as my machines lack much rigidity to work with steel.

    I have not intentions to market my blog here or else where but perhaps you can have a quick look and see if some of those sources for machines, tools and raw materials are beneficial to be included in your Thaland based Model Engineering website.

    Kifayat Hussain

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