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Just to let you know that if you ever need some aluminium to be anodized then there is a shop in Bangkok that will do small parts (and quantities) for a very reasonable price. I recently made a centering microscope (Hemmingway Kits) which was of aluminium construction. There were at least 10-12 parts, some very small, and the cost came to THB 250 and they can do it within a couple of days, depending on their schedule. They have various coatings as can be seen on their web site and different colours, but black is their favourite (and cheapest).

Their website is:

and they are located on Rama 3 Road by the river, immediately adjacent to “The Pano” condominium, so it is quite easy to get to.

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  • Thanks for this message, I’m a newby and always wondering to find this kind of shops.
    Also, is there maybe anybody who knows a latheshop in the surrounding of Thayang (changwat petchaburi)
    I need some small device from 7cm diameter and 4cm high made from brass.

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