Model Engineering In Thailand and South East Asia

The Modelengineeringinthailand.Com Website Has Been Massively Updated This Week

Creating Free Time Where None Existed Before

I have found a way to actually create free time where none existed before!

I’ll maybe let you into my secret on that one day but what it means to you and to Model Engineering in Thailand is that with this new-found free time I have been able to spend time on the website and bring it up to date.

Well, kind of. I still have a stack of photos and videos to illustrate the articles I have yet to write. If I actually managed to write all those articles and incorporate the media it would be a full time job. And that’s without updating the website!

A List Of All New Updates Since The Last Announcement List Email

Here are the major updates:-

Massive updates to the website including a Guests section featuring Guests models, workshop equipment, motorcycles etc.

I’m having a great time getting used to the big machine tools in readiness for when I start making the 1/2 full size Little Samson traction engine. (Soon!)

Hit a few problems with the Argo mill on the way but the solutions although simple in the extreme were not so easy to find.

There’s got to be something to interest you on at least one of these brand new pages on the website.

Workshop Equipment For The Model Engineer In Thailand

ARGO 3VH Turret Milling Machine
Sub Pages

Lathes In Thailand

Kinwa CH-430X1100 Lathe
Sub Pages

My first ever attempt at screwcutting in the lathe. Movie showing how I fared.

Links to Blogs & Websites

A very valuable resource page. Add your own favourite web page links here.

Links to Blogs & Websites

New Page – 6″ Scale Little Samson Traction Engine Update

Today I Started Building The 6″ Scale Little Samson Traction Engine In Thailand

New Resouce Page

Review of SCNC – Bench Lathes, Mini CNC Lathes, Mills, Components

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