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Mike’s 1979 Triumph T140 Bonneville Motorcycle

In Mike’s own words:-

“My 1979 Triumph T140, owned from new. Bored and stroked 830 cc, did not look like that when it left the factory. ”

Yes, Mike and I can believe it.

Here are the photos:-




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2 Responses to Mike’s T140 Bonneville

  • Mike,
    830cc wow. Probably a beast to kick over, but goes like hell and scares the neighbours..
    Many modifications to that bike, clearly.

    I had a ’78 Bonnie back in England in the seventies and loved it.

    Here in Thailand now, I have a ’71 Tiger with a Morgo 750 top end and the bike has been ungoing a steady transformation to cafe racer in the 14 years I have owned it. Great fun to ride. I have a Morgo rotary oil pump, mini cartridge oil filter and oil cooler to fit next.

    Oh, I just found out about a guy in Korat who makes aluminium petrol tanks. I saw a long Norton Manx tank he had made for someone, cost 11500 Baht, about 1/3 price of a tank made in England, although the quality isn’t quite the same, but looks pretty good. He does a range of styles, so I may get one for my Tiger later.


    • Hi Ian,

      Glad to see your comment.

      Pleased also that the website is not narrowly focussed on ‘model engineering’. All hobbyists, collectors, home workshop types etc are welcome.

      The good mix of interests broadens all our experiences and knowledge as well as making new friends.

      Any chance of some photos of your bikes? I’m sure Mike at least would be interested?

      By the way I was never into bikes but I did have a 1960 Triumph 2 litre TR3A sportscar. I rebuilt the engine and overbored it and tuned it up. The most I had out of it was 115 mph and that was decidedly shaky!

      Best Regards

      Alan Brown

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