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Movies Showing The Homemade CNC Mill In Action

Continuing on from the description of Mike’s Home Made CNC Milling Machine -Full Details Of The DIY CNC Milling Machine Designed And Constructed My Mike, he has now provided us with the videos of the homemade CNC milling machine actually cutting under CNC Control.

Mike explains that he is still learning how to use many of the software features included with the Mach3 CNC software package.

The videos show the mill using a 1/8” end mill cutting a small pocket into a piece of Lexan. The mill is capable of cutting at much faster feed rates, especially in a soft material like Lexan, but I wanted to keep everything slow enough to allow me time to hit the panic stop button in case something went very wrong.

The article being machined is a plastic pill box lid.

The videos are quite long so they are presented in two parts, starting and finishing.

Home Made CNC Mill In Action Part 1

Home Made CNC Mill In Action Part 2

Full Story “How I Built My CNC Milling Machine” Available As A Download

Mike has written a fascinating description of how he designed and constructed his DIY CNC milling machine and it covers all the hardware, the machine itself and the electronics. It’s is 15 pages long of text, photos and Mike’s design and construction sketches.

You can freely download this Booklet from this website as a .pdf file.

Further details of the Booklet and the download link for “How I Built My CNC Milling Machine” are on the “How I Built My CNC Mill – Free Plans” Page.


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One Response to DIY CNC Milling Machine Action Videos

  • Hello Alan,

    I posted another short lathe video to YouTube a few weeks ago, showing the lathe cutting a small mild-steel spindle and using the newly working coolant system. My little DIY lathe is now 98% complete and I’ve begun using it to make parts for my next project. I doubt that my lathe will ever be 100% finished, as there always seems to be something else I want to add or modify.

    Now I need to finish the CNC Rotary “Table” I started building last year but needed a lathe to make the R-8 spindle to complete the project.

    As always, feel free to share the above YouTube link with your readers.

    I look forward to seeing more pics of your “toys” J


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