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Model Engineering Foundry For Sale in Thailand

Posted below are the details of a model engineer’s hobby workshop as sent to me in this email from Andre:-

Alan, I want to sell my whole hobby workshop.This would be a Sieg X3 milling machine (CNC retro-fit), a Sieg lathe C6B 550 (metric ) with variable spindle speed, a lot of accessories with these two machines.

Further I have some foundry equipment: blast furnace, molding bench, two mobile containers filled with oil-bonded sand, a match plate lifter, a device for gravity casting, molding boxes, etc.Also included is an oxy-welding set…

Reason for sale: Because of health problems.

 A Rare Opportunity In Thailand To Buy A Very Rare Foundry

Note: All The Workshop Equipment is Sold. Only the Foundry is Available.

I know from my own experience here in Thailand how difficult it can be to find somewhere or someone to make small castings for your model engineering hobby. Well, here is a ready-made foundry so that you can make your own castings – and possibly those for other people too.

Now look at what is being offered:-

Foundry Equipment

Blast Furnace

The blast furnace is a “David Gingery Style”, that means, to fire up the furnace or add more metal to the melt, you can lift the lid with a food pedal and swing it sideways. To remove the hot crucible, the body with the lid is lifted upwards with the big handle, so the crucible can be removed from the side. This is a very secure approach, because you will not be very near the hot crucible while handling it. The furnace is fired with gas, the same you use for cooking.

Image of Model Engineers Blast Furnace Gas Fired Electric Blower

Gas Fired Blast Furnace

Molding Bench

The molding bench has a grate on the top and a funnel at the bottom. While ramming your molds, excessive sand falls back into the mobile container under the bench. Two of these containers are included.

Image of Molding Bench For Model Engineering Foundry

Molding Bench

Match Plate Lifter

If you want to use match plates for molding (plates, where the model of your part is mounted on), you will use the match plate lifter to remove the match plates without destroying the imprint in the sand. The device can be used with molding boxes up to 12″x12″.

image of Match Plate Lifter Model Engineers Casting Foundry

Match Plate Lifter

Gravity Casting Device

If you want to use metal molds, this device can be used to open close the mold halves quite quickly.

image of Gravity Casting Device

Gravity Casting Device

Ingot Forms

To build up some stock of source material, use the ingot forms to produce nice bars.

image of Ingot Forms (Molds) To Cast Metal Ingots

Ingot Forms

Other Accessories

Also there are seven molding boxes of different sizes, a hand rammer, sprue templates, 20kg of bentone to mix more oil-bonded sand, some refractory cement to make plinth blocks and other stuff…

Andre – What about the Oxy Acetylene Welds?

Andre when you read this page don’t forget to send details about the oxy-acetylene welding set you mentioned…

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